Should the backend node in a cluster deployment run Seahub?

Dear Seafile team and community. For a while I have been helping with deploying Seafile instances, mostly in a cluster.
But looking back at my notes and the documentation, I could not figure out if we should run seahub on a backend node when deploying in a cluster or not.

The manual states that we should start seafile and seafile-background tasks on the backend node:

./ start
./ start

However, just below that part, an example of a systemd service for seafile-background-tasks is given, which states that the service should start only after the Seahub service has started:

Description=Seafile Background Tasks Server seahub.service

Logically speaking, I think there is no need to run Seahub on the backend node, considering the users will not access the web frontend for Seafile through the backend node.
But the seafile-background-tasks.service example in the manual has me second-guessing myself. If the manual is incorrect, I suggest updating it.

Looking forward to your insights and opinions.

Thanks for reporting the issue. It should changed from ‚Äúseahub.service‚ÄĚ to ‚Äúseafile.service‚ÄĚ.

I have changed the manual.

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Thank you for the confirmation and for updating the manual.
I too will update my deployment notes and scripts accordingly.