Size of Repo ID On Web GUI Different from On Disk

Hi There,
I think i have a strange file size of repo on disk. Lets say i have A users with 215 GB quotas rights now. It have a library / repo called A_Library. On the Web and database, i can see the size of repo A_Library is same 78 GB. But on disk /blocks directory, i can see the size of repo A_Library is 528 GB.

How can that issue happen ya ?

Seafile allows older versions of files to be restored, which means they will have to be stored on the server. There might also be some deleted files in the trash (I don’t know whether the trash itself counts towards the quota).
Have you run garbage-collection recently? This allows some space to be freed up. It most likely won’t reduce the library size on disk to 78 GB but it might give you a significant reduction of disk space usage.

I already disable library history, so i think modified history is not the issue here. i also confirmed there is no files in the trash.

I also run garbage collection frequently … mostly every 3-7 days, i run the garbage collection …