Sizing VPS for small Pro 7.1.4 server

I’ve just got a small pro server set up for two people. I’m going to replace our existing Dropbox, and I’m really excited for the full text search being available from the various native and web clients.

It’s going to be two users with several hundred BB GB of data on an S3 backend. At any given time, only a few GB of that will be syncing with our local PCs. I’ll have full-text search, document preview turned on and some occasional public shares.

I’m looking to move to a different VPS, I use the VPS for things beyond SeaFile, but Seafile is the most memory and CPU intensive thing on the VPS so I’m trying to size the new VPS around that. What will this setup benefit from most? two vCPUs vs four? 4GB vs 8GB? Given, I’ll be using an S3-compatible service as a backend, I don’t think the size or speed of the local disk will matter. From what I can tell, SeaFile doesn’t do any sort of caching on the local disk.

2 users, 2 vCPUS + 4GB is ok.

Seafile is not CPU and memory heavy. 2CPU + 4GB RAM is plenty for 2 users!

While Seafile is gentle on your resources, indexing is not! Your elastic search server will be pretty busy at first indexing your several hundred BB (??) of data.

Heh, that should have been GB, not BB.

Thanks for the replies. My limited experience on my current system, with the built-in pro elastic search, memcached, mariadb, seafile, and the rest of the system is that I’m running past 4GB into a little bit of swap regularly. I was wondering if more RAM for the ElasticSearch JVM (it’s at 2GB now) and more for memcached would help. I have seen the search function stop working so I was wondering if ES was falling over at the 2GB JVM limit.

Based on what you all have said, it seems like not really worth the expense.