Slow Client Connect and Webpage loading

I am using Seafile 6.0.7 Server most clients are upgraded to the newest version and we have been having an issue for the past month or 2. When people connect over the client or someone tries to login to the website it takes a long time sometimes 2-5 min to process each step (loading webpage 2-5min, login 2-5min, adding a new person to library 2-5min).

I am not even sure where to start looking for the issue. There is a process python.exe that is consuming between 40-50% CPU utilization. Seafile is running in its own win server 2012 r2 vm with 2 core 2.1ghz CPU and 4GB of ram. Our use is pretty lite, database is about 800-900GB with maybe 5-10 people connecting with it throughout the day.

Downloading of files is quick a 5MB file was less than 1 second so I don’t believe it is a connection issue. A 70MB PDF was less than 5 seconds.

Thank you for your help.

Seafile is using python. I don’t know if seafile can use multiple cores. If sefile is using only one core, this core is used with about 90-100% which could explain the slow speed.
How much RAM is free/used?
Which Database Backend is used?

Hey, I´m also using Seafile 6.0.7 Server on win server 2012 r2.

Had the same problems a half year ago and then I installed a memcached server and connect it with the seafile server. Now everything is fine and also the loading of webpage and login is fast as it should.

Maybe it helps you.

(sorry for my bad english :stuck_out_tongue: )

Im not sure what would have changed that would cause it to use up so much CPU it was fine a few months ago nothing has been changed on the server itself, One of the reasons I love sea file so much is it is hands off I have only logged into the server a handful of times. I didn’t install seafile I just have to maintain the server so I’m not sure what DB is being used I did see a txt file for SQLight. How would I look for the DB that is being used.

Ram utilization is low 1.4GB of 4GB.

You can check the configuration for the database connection.

Where is the configuration settings at? I found the txt file the cccnet, http, seafile, seafileserv etc. there is a seahub setting python file but it does not open a window pops up then closes.

I noticed that after rebooting the server it runs fast, refresh of the client is almost instant but about 5min after it is finished rebooting it again slows down to 5min refresh time. is there a way to see who is connected to your sefile server.

Are you using windows or linux server?
To see what’s inside the seahub setting python file you may need to explicitly open the file with an editor. Otherwise it’s opened with the python interpreter.

I read the configuration manual again and found out something I didn’t remeber: The MySQL-Configuration is done with the setup-script and not with one of the config files. So I think the connection settings are saved in one of the *.db-files, which you can open with an sqlite-database editor.

Is there any other software running on the server?

There is nothing on the server except for seafile, no other services or programs installed. One thing I love about the Vm environment is how isolated everything is no compared to the past.

I was able to open the python script and it has just a few basic settings email config and website config is about it and it all looks good. I did run some Win server updates and that seemed to help now the Clients refresh time is bouncing around from instant to 30 seconds and the CPU utilization bounces around but does not hang at 50% anymore. But the Webpage is still crazy slow 5min per action.

Did you solve this problem?