Slow download and upload speeds


I am loving seafile so far. However, I have an issue on the latest version of Seafile pro.

I installed it via a docker container and when I try to download/upload a file I get a maximum up/down speed of 10MB/s. I am on a local network, through gigabit connection without any proxies.

I installed a speedtest on the same machine, through docker, and managed to reach gigabit speed.

What can I do to improve these horrible speeds? I am loving everything else, to be honest.


Not using HTTPS

bump? anyone?

Hello, what is your network bandwidth? Maybe you can use iperf to test the transfer speed from client to server.

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Thank you for the response, @feiniks .

Iam connected to the server through a gigabit switch.

I added a docker container for “openspeedtest” on the same server, and I reach gigabit speeds. I had nextcloud before, and also reached gigabit speeds. It seems to be an exclusive issue with dockerized seafile.