Slow upload/download through sync app

I have setup seafile on my mac mini using docker, drive speeds are ~300MB/s.
My upload speed is 250mbps ( roughly 20-25MB/s )
My download speed is the same.
I get tops 9MB/s and I’m uploading locally from my server’s local files to the same server even on big files

How do you access the server? Do you use a (sub)domain or the local IP-address??

well on the local server I used the 192.168.x.x one rather than the domain one, assuming that’d make it faster but it looks it’s the same as the web browser one

Does it have an SSD or HDD? What about CPU usage?

HDD, I mention the speed above after I did a check on the I/O. CPU usage is 20% most of the time

Most probably the disk isn’t faster. You would have to benchmark random IO. There are no HDDs which can achieve 300 MiB/s for random IO.

still it shouldn’t cap at 10MB/s and 20MB/s shouldn’t be out of the question

Have you tried both clients, Seafile Drive and Sync?

Did you check the speed settings in the client’s settings?

I ve only triedd sync, not drive as I thought that’s more for virtual use. And yes the settings are the above, I didnt change them at all

So, what is top showing while the sync is running (screenshot)?

Open top, press 1 to show all CPU cores. Look at wa. The head (from top to swap) is enough. The process list isn’t important.

Hello Aris ,
Forgive me English is not my first language if I understand you issue currently the speed is slow because it runs as VM on mac look at this reddit post
My colleague is using mac an face a lot of issues on docker with mac .