Solved: Can't display PDF files after upgrade to 11.0.3

After migrating sqlite to mysql and upgrading Seafile CE from 10 to 11.0.3 PDF are not displayed using the web interface. Chrome opens a new tab but the circle loading indicator is spinning forever. All other filetypes like jpg or mp4 are displayed correctly and all other server functionality seems to work.
Where should I start investigating?

It may be a Javascript error. You can try to use the Chrome’s development console to find the error message.

@daniel.pan This is what I found:
Uncaught (in promise) Error: Not enough parameters.
at OverlayManager.register (viewer.js:4405:13)
at new PDFDocumentProperties (viewer.js:4897:25)
at Object._initializeViewerComponents (viewer.js:752:34)
at Object.initialize (viewer.js:525:16)

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘addEventListener’)
at Toolbar._bindListeners (viewer.js:13454:19)
at new Toolbar (viewer.js:13368:10)
at Object._initializeViewerComponents (viewer.js:758:20)
at Object.initialize (viewer.js:525:16)

I have no clue what went wrong, but today I had the chance to test with a different computer. The error didn’t occur, so it must have been something device specific. That lead me to clearing the browser cache. Now everything runs as desired. Sorry for having bothered you.