[Solved] File disappearance and daylight saving time


I got the issue on 2 differents server.
Random files have been put to trash, users pretending not doing it, although seafile library log shows their pc client did trash the files.
Could it be related to daylight saving time and computer clock not being sync?

daylight saving will most likely cause file conflicts instead of putting files to trash.

Thank you!
I keep searching the reason why files disappeared.
Could a 5.1.4 Windows client over a 6.0.3 server be involved?


I guess users made mistakes with their files.
Can you tell me what is seafile behaviour when moving a big directory from the client computer in a synced library?
Thank you,

B Fontaine

The files will be reported as deleted from the synced folder.


Thank you for response ! Sorry for being rude and not responding before now.
Forensic about this issue learns me 2 things (the first I’d already know) :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Don’t trust users, listen to Dr House : “everybody lies”
  • User did an unfortunate drag and drop on missing files