SOLVED - "Forgotten" Libraries - Save to delete?

Hi Everybody

I have a problem that space is not being freed when running garbage collection.
I got a couple of suggestions here - Solved - GC does not work? - thanks a lot again for the help.

After looking more closely into the topic I found that I have several Library folders in the storage/blocks folder that are not listed in the admin panel (anymore?). One of them is 280GB in size. It looks like it’s forgotten somehow by seafile.

Q1: I want to ask if I can safely delete those old library folders in storage/blocks (rm -r library)?

I also wanted to ask the same for the storage-bck folder. None of the library names in there does relate to any of the library names in my admin panel. One of the libraries in storage-bck is 150GB in size.

Q2: I want to ask if I can safely delete those old library folders in storage-bck (rm -r library)?

Q3: If I can’t delete the libraries with rm - r in the terminal, then is there another way how to get rid of these old libraries so I can free up my disk space again?

Thanks a lot in advance for any support,


Seafile server 5.1.4
Ubuntu Server 14.04
Server runs and is constantly upgraded since Seafile Version 4.

Don’t they appear in paper bin in the admin section?


No, the trash in the admin section is empty.

Regarding Q2: Afaik that folder is not from Seafile.

The unreferenced libraries should be safe as well.

Maybe @daniel.pan can give a short comment on this.

You can delete the old libraries with rm -r if you are sure they are not used anymore.

Thanks Daniel and shoeper, all understood.

Deleted the libraries. All runs well.

Cheers :wink:

I am running into the same issue running latest version of seafile server. I recently deleted libraries and realized that the disk space was not freed up. I dug into the seafile-data/storage folder and saw multiple directories inside the blocks and fs folder that have no reference in the online admin panel to any library.

will it be safe to delete those folders (also in the fs folder not just the blocks folder)

Further question: is this a bug? correct permissions for seafile to delete the folders are set - so I am wondering why libraries are not properly deleted…

Did you run GC? ->

I did (multiple times). I ended up deleted all folders in the fs/blocks/commits subfolders that did not show up as a library in the web GUI. So far no issues - but this is not way it is supposed to work …

OK, but you could have checked the trash feature for deleted libraries.

I did check the system trash for deleted stuff but it was empty …