[solved] How to set "Add auto expiration" -> "Epiration time"?


sounds stupid but how does the “Add auto expiration” → “Epiration time”…



If I click “Expiration time” I can choose a certain date and time but how can I confirm the selection?

  • If I press ENTER after selecting date and time nothing happens.
  • If I press ESC the whole share dialogue is closed.

(Used seafile version: CE 8.0.3)

For me, clicking outside the calender box closes it while keeping the date as previously set. Interestingly, the box automatically closes if I pick a day from a different month (i.e. the “greyed-out” days).

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Forgot to thank you. Maybe this kind of interaction to confirm something indirectly (by outside the calender box) is not intuitive for me (I always want to confirm something explicitly). However: As long as I know how it works it is okay.