Solved: Real time backup server not syncing

Hi, I’ve installed seafile on my primary server pointing to the backup server but the backup server is not syncing. The primary server is using ext4 as a file system but the backup server is using wasabi s3 storage. It has been “syncing” for a few days, about 10 days now, and I have 180gb on the primary server, but I don’t think it should take that long to sync. I have copied across the database from the primary server (excluding the necessary tables) and tried using the backup server but there is only 1 file on the library.

I did check seafile.log and this is the error I can see everywhere; there is many lines with this error and I did check on the forum but I can’t find an answer to what could be wrong with that:

2021-06-29 10:08:35 ../common/obj-cache.c(111): Failed to set OBJEXISTENCE2-02227d81-b035-403e-bc47-5e5990dc749d-41     428ca430c776435677c86d152d79b36e901ed0 to memcached: SERVER HAS FAILED AND IS DISABLED UNTIL TIMED RETRY.

I am running both the primary server and the backup server with docker. Is there anything else I should be looking for? The only file that is on the backup server is actually correct from 11 days ago, but there is nothing else in there.

Still having this issue. I’m using seafile pro, in case anyone could help me out with this.

I’ve found the issue. I started digging on why would that fail and checked that the S3 settings on my seafile.conf had a problem with memcache:

memcached_options = --SERVER= --POOL-MIN=10 --POOL-MAX=100

As I’m running the whole seafile with docker, obviously memcached is on a different container, with a different IP on the same network. So all I had to do is fix that ip and put the right ip from the docker container in the settings. After that, I restarted the whole stack and everything started to sync; I noticed it started syncing when the error message stopped appearing on the logs and instead I had some syncing messages. Today, one day after, all my files are on the library on the backup server.

Hope this helps someone.