[solved] Remove multiple side bar entries for "SeaDrive" in Windows Explorer

After installing and playing around with the SeaDrive client in Windows 10 Enterprise there are three entries in the tree view of the Windows Explorer for “SeaDrive” (shortcuts to the SeaDrive folder).

This is what happened previously:

  • Installed SeaDrive client v1.0.11 + uninstalled it again
  • Installed SeaDrive client v2.0.3beta + uninstalled it again
  • Installed SeaDrive client v2.0.4
  • on each steps multiple accounts were set up and not removed before uninstallation
  • two accounts were finally removed, while one remains

Now there are three entries in the tree view.

How do I get rid of the unused ones? Clicking files in there always show the error dialogue saying something like: “make sure SeaDrive is running and try again.”

Any ideas on how to fix this? :thinking:

Here is also a screenshot of how it looks like:


I had this issue too and was able to navigate to here in the registry:

Once there, I searched the registry using CTRL+F and I searched for “IsPinned” and you will find results like this one:

Change the IsPinnedToNamespaceTree to 0, and then go back to Windows Explorer and make sure you got rid of the one that no longer works, if you got rid of the one that is current, change it back to a 1 and keep searching for the other, changing it to zero when you find it. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @SpencterXZX,
Indeed works like this.
It seems to me that you find them even chronologically with Strg+F, which means the last will be the one which was last set up. So I nulled the first two and there vanished the two invalid ones.
BTW: Also a good way to get rid of the OneDrive pin, which noone needs and disturbs the eye.