[SOLVED] Seafile CE 9.0.2 & OnlyOffice: "The document could not be saved"

Seafile CE 9.0.2 | Ubuntu 20.04 | Nginx | MySQL | OnlyOffice 7.0;

I noticed this after updating OnlyOffice document editor to v.7 ( on a recently upgraded Seafile CE server. No errors were reported during the upgrade.

On opening an existing Word (docx) or Excel (xlsx) document via web interface:

“The document could not be saved. Please check the connection or contact your administrator. When you click the ‘OK’ button, you will be prompted to download the document.”

'OK" does go to Download As… page but if I close that page (Close Menu) the document appears as expected. If I make changes, close the document, and re-open it, the changes appear (along with the previous warning) until I restart the server.

Reverting to the previous OnlyOffice release ( results in the same behavior.

The OnlyOffice log does not show any errors and says the files being opened as tests are “with can_edit True”. No errors appear in the Seafile logs.

Anyone else seeing this message or have a hint as to a fix?

Thank you.

It appears the upgrade script copied an incorrect commented-out version of the SERVICE_URL from ccnet.conf and pasted it to seahub_settings.py . Changing SERVICE_URL to the correct version in seahub_settings.py fixed the problem.

SERVICE_URL is moved from ccnet.conf to seahub_settings.py. The upgrade script will read it from ccnet.conf and write to seahub_settings.py

Great to see I’m not alone :sunglasses: I had the same issue with 9.0.1 and I had reported to the Seafile team.