[solved] Seafile Cluster seahub_data folder

Dear Seafile Team. We are operating our cluster more than 3 years. Our Setup contains multiple Seafile nodes, backend nodes and central S3 storage for the data.

After some times we discovered, that the folder seafile-data and seahub-data are growing on each node more and more. We already moved the seafiel-data folder to a central nfs share to reduce the disk usage on the separate nodes.

Reference: Setup Seafile cluster with NFS - Seafile Admin Manual

After an inspection of the seahub-data folder we discovered, that ever node holds about 30GB of thumbnails.

Now the questions about it:

  1. Is it possible to use S3 for seafile-data and seahub-data as well? If yes, how can we configure it?
  2. If no, should we move the seahub-data folder to an nfs share as well and combine the thumbnails from all seafile nodes?

Thank you very much for your reply.

Beste Regards

@daniel.pan could you give me any information about seahub-data and NFS or S3 Storage?

Hello, regarding seahub-data, we recommend following the same approach as seafile-data by moving seahub-data folder to /seafile-nfs/ on one front node and then creating a symbolic link on other frontend nodes.

Saving image thumbnail to S3 is not supported. There are a few ways to improve it:

  1. Periodically clean old thumbnail files
  2. Moving the folder to a shared NFS storage
  3. Use a dedicated Seafile server to serve thumbnails and proxy the thumbnail request to that server.

In my opinion, storing thumbnail to S3 make it not easy to clean old files.

@daniel.pan @lian thank you very much for the clarification.