[SOLVED] Seafile eating up space

So seafile eats up more space as i can account for, i added a second 2TB virtual disk a while ago so i have 4Tb decated space for seafile.
Now i have my users using less then 2TB, but my disk free commando shows 100% of the 4TB disk.

I run the cleanup-script regulary but and have retention & history configured.
How can i see where (who) uses all this space?

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You can find out how much space an individual user eats up by logging into the web ui, go to system admin, and then click Users on the left. It will tell you how much space each user is consuming. To do it by library, under System Admin, just click Libraries and it will tell you how much space each library is consuming.

Seafile only lists the storage consumed by the most recent state. History is not being part of it.


Very valid point, @shoeper. The webui only shows the space used by the current database, excluding the history/versions.

That’s my point, how do i reclaim my lost space?
I don’t feel like setting up a new server and migrating everybody:)

The beginning (i guess) would be a command like:
du -a /var | sort -n -r | head -n 10,
which gives me a list of repositories who are most likely “guilty” but how do i reclaim the space wiithout deleting important files and or breaking the server??

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OK you guys, this one gave it a way:
:/opt/…/seafile-data/storage/blocks# du -hsx * | sort -rh | head -15

There was one account with almost 2TB on history, i set a shorter history for this user and space is going to be reclaimed i am sure…
Thnx wthess for pointing me to the libraries,
Tnx Shoeper for explaning “the pain” of the history

If any developer reads this please note that storage in use by history is allso interesting as (obviously) user tend to use seafile as there backup medium, and if data content changes often this fills up disk space rather rapidly.

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mark this one solved