[SOLVED] Seafile Pro Server Cluster with OnlyOffice - Problem Saving Documents

Dear Seafile Comunity, we have a strange behavioral on our Seafile Pro Cluster with the OnlyOffice integration.

Seafile Version 8.0.11

Configruartion of the Cluster has made accordingling to the Manual including HAProxy configuration.


Issue: If we edit Documents it happens most of the time that OnlyOffice is not able to save the Document back to Seafile. In the onlyoffice.log we see then the following enty:

onlyoffice:92 onlyoffice_editor_callback status 2: can not get doc_info from cache by doc_key de328b3b7c2e1ea885b3

In the Documentserver Log we see the following entries:

[2021-10-06T20:50:28.507] [WARN] nodeJS - error description: docId = de328b3b7c2e1ea885b3 errorId = Update Version error
[2021-10-06T20:50:37.428] [WARN] nodeJS - error description: docId = de328b3b7c2e1ea885b3 errorId = Update Version error
[2021-10-06T20:56:18.686] [WARN] nodeJS - UpdateVersion expired: docId = de328b3b7c2e1ea885b3

It looks like the DocumentServer get annother Node from the Load Balancer than the user is running on and cannot save back the Document to Seafile.

We didn’t had this issue with Version 7 of Seafile.

How could we solve the issue with the OnlyOffice Integration.

Thank you very much for your support.

The cache is stored in memcache. Can you check if all your Seafile nodes share the same memcache?

@daniel.pan under conf/seafile.conf all servers have configured the same memcache node and als can access it. I have no memcache server configured in conf/seahub_settings.py but found this in your wiki: Add Memcached - Seafile Admin Manual

Do i have to add the memcache config as described to seahub_settings.py as well? if yes, why is it not in the cluster documentation?

Memcached is needed for seahub. It is assumed to be a default one, so it is not specially mentioned in cluster documentation.

@daniel.pan thank you very much for your guideline. Adding the Memcache Config to seahub_settings.py has solved the Problem with OnlyOffice.