[Solved] Server not reachable from Internet

Hi there,
I have a tiny (or not so tiny) problem. I set up seafile server and nginx. Both are working fine as far as I can say. The server is running on a Hyper-V virtual machine, I can access it from my PC within the same class C net. So far so good. Now I’m trying, for an amount of time I feel ashamed to tell, to access the server from the internet.
I have a static WAN IP address and the DNS entry I made is correctly (nslookup on cloud.BlaBla[dot]net returns the correct WAN IP) On my firewall (Sonicwall) I made PAT and NAT entries to translate the WAN IP to the server’s LAN IP including port 80 (SSL is not yet activated).
Unfortunately that doesn’t work. I can still access the fileserver by 192.168.X.X but not via cloud.BlaBla[dot]net whereas BlaBla[dot]net is available.
cloud.BlaBla[dot]net entry in nginx → seafile.conf, seafile → ccnet.conf and seafile → seahub_settings.py has been made.
Would appreciate any ideas very much.

Best regards

Okay, I found the solution. It had nothing to do with seafile or nginx. The service entries for the ports within the Sonicwall were faulty. Didn’t notice that someone did a custom HTTP service entry that just didn’t work due to wrong ports.