[SOLVED]Update Seafile 6.2.5

Hi all,
I need to update my debian 8 to debian 10 urgently.
My seafile is also still working on version 6.2.5. can someone explain me how to update the seafile? I have tried one, unfortunately without really great success. Only my snapshot could help :frowning:

Hello, maybe you can refer to the upgrade manual of seafile.Outline - Seafile Admin Manual

Thank you very much for your quick reply! Can I use the update notes for 8.x directly or do I first have to upgrade from 6.x to 7.x and then to 8.x?

best regards!

You can use the install package from Seafile 8.0, but you need to execute all update scripts, hence

  • update_6.2_6.3.sh
  • update_6.3_7.0.sh
  • update_7.0_7.1.sh
  • update_7.1_8.0.sh

Also pay attention to the special upgrade notes!

Lastly, beginning with version 7.1, Seafile uses Python 3. Hence, you must install Python 3 dependencies.

Thank you for your reply. I will try, wishes with luck :slight_smile:

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could you mark this topic as solved.

now unfortunately I get the following error, who could help me again on this :slight_smile:

Well, the output is very clear:

No module named configparser.

Make sure the python package is installed. Maybe this page helps if you have problems: flask - python 2.7: no module named configparser - Stack Overflow