[SOLVED] Upload Problem with some (large) files - Unknown Error

Hi everyone,

For some unknown reason some files that we try to upload - mostly from larger files around 200/300MB like mp4, psd or tif - won’t upload successfully. The error response only says “Unknown Error”. Using either the web or the desktop client makes no difference (same negative Response after uploading to 100%).

It doesn’t seem to be a file size restriction because other files like mention above (that are larger) do upload successfully.

We use the serverversion 5.1.3 and running on Windows.

Just to be sure, if you upload big files via the client (sync a folder) (not use the cloud browser), it should work, right?

I think this is a timeout or something.

No, it doesn’t work either way. Regardless of using the desktop client or the browser version. It’s seems to be that certain files won’t upload - maybe because of some previous file settings, encryptions? Like example there was an upload problem with one PSD file from our photographer, while another even larger PSD file (not from our photographer directly but from our agency) there was no problem to upload at all.

Our photographer seems to generally can’t upload large files with layers (psd, tif) via our Seafile. And now we have a problem with mp4 videos - which were from another vendor of ours.

And it’s always the error message “Unknown Error”.

After talking to our IT service provider: the following suggestions unfortunately are not the cause/solution

  • our SonicWall (Firewall) settings - since the upload problems occur not only externally but also internally
  • “disguising” the files: making zips and also setting a password (so that the files can’t be read) - still “Unknown Error” :sob:

I think this because you are using Windows (and i think IIS, right?). Unfortunately my knowledge of Windows, and especially IIS is not very good. I suggest you to use Linux with nginx or try to use apache or nginx on your windows server.

Appreciate your feedback. Nginx sounds good. (Will come back when there is any progress.)

SOLUTION: using Nginx with Windows. Now the upload with before mentioned problem-files are successful.

First we were trying the combo Apache-Windows (since there wasn’t any experience with Windows and Nginx) but there was no luck. The upload was still not successful. So Nginx was our last hope before considering to switch to Linux. Fortunately it worked (for now :grin: ).

So Windows with IIS is not recommendable.

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