[Solved] URL error in Seafile API


I think I found an error within the Seafile API documentation.
When trying to add an organization, the following message comes back from the curl request : “Sorry, but the requested page could not be found.”

In this page, the URL should be {server}/api/v2.1/admin/organizations/ instead of {server}/api2/organizations/.

However, when using the new URL, I get an error saying “org_name invalid.” (even if I use ACME, for instance). When I send “0” as the username, I still get the same error, which makes me thing that the error occurs before parsing the request’s parameters.

Could anyone update the documentation, please ?


OK my bad :slight_smile:
The correct URL is {server}/api2/organization/ without the ending “s”…
This works much better and therefore confirms that the documentation is correct. :+1: