[SOLVED] View pictures in android client

I use an android client v 2.2.1 against a server pro version 6.2.10.
When I look at my library I see the thumbnail for pictures, but when I press the thumbnail I just get this screen:

Doing the same thing on an iOS client is opening the picture in a viewer.

Does this mean that this functionality is not implemented in the android client yet? or have I configured something wrong?


You configured something wrong. Can you please post your nginx/apache config?

My apologies for the late response. Yes i indeed configured something wrong.

I found another samsung device with the same version of the client on it, and everything worked there.
So I uninstalled the client and reinstalled it - and this time I allowed the app access to the images on the phone (during the installation). Now everything works. It was a simple as that.

Thank you bionade24 for being willing to try…

This is fixed. I do have a different question about the client, but i will open a different topic about that.



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