Sort order of libraries in the Windows Client

In the Windows Client,
there are several categories available, one of them is “Recently Updated”, another one is “My Libraries”.
Within “Recently Updated”, the libraries are sorted by the update date, which makes sense in my opinion.
However, within “My Libraries”, they are sorted by update date as well, which makes it sometimes hard to find a specific library. It would be easier to find it when the libraries in this category would be sorted alphabetically.
Or if it would be possible within the GUI to change the sort order.
It would be really great if you could add this feature to the windows sync client.


To find a specific library, there is a search bar on top of the libraries list.

Thanks for the advice,
but an alphatical sort order would make sense, too.
Do you disagree?

I would also quite like @res80 suggestion of being able to sort libraries alphabetically. Whilst the search bar is good enough for me, not being able to sort alphabetically is a complaint I often hear from others.

I was unable to find the setting in the Linux client, so I don’t think this is windows specific.

Any chance to get an option to change the sort order?
It is really not very intuitive to have the libraries sorted by activity in all available views, when there is actually a specific view “last updated”.
Please consider this for the next client update!
Seafile is such a great software, just moved my server from Windows to Linux without any issues!
Amazing piece of technology!

Kind regards,

Hi guys!
Is there still no chance to get an alphetical sort order of the libraries within the “My Libraries” section? :cry:
The sort order based on updates is available anyways within the “recently changed” section…
This should be really easy to implement but would improve user experience a lot!
Please think about adding this for the next client!

Hi there,
I would also like the suggestion to sort the libraries in the personal libraries view (in german Meine Bibliothek). The sort order for “update time” makes no sense - for this we have a seperate view “last updated”. Please give a setting possibility to the user to decide which order is used.

On my android client (V2.2.13) this function already exists, but not on the windows client V6.2.11… :frowning:

best regards

FIve years later, no sort order, no reply. Any chance of getting this done? The current sort order is ridiculous.

I am still waiting for this too!
Don’t understand why the Devs won’t implement it, can’t be to hard to code.
And it would make so much more sense than the current sort order…
Thanks for looking into this!!
Kind regards

We are using Seafile in our university and are really missing the alphabetical order, too.
Personally, I can’t understand why this feature hasn’t been implemented for 7 years, especially since it’s so easy to install from a programmer’s perspective.

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Thanks for bringing that topic up again.
Dear Seafile team, I know that you are currently working hard on the server components, but can you PLEASE add this to the seafile client soon.
I have the impression that the seadrive client is more important to you, but not all users prefer that, because the regular seafile client provides more flexibility which folders of a PC to sync.
And we have been waiting for this feature now for 7(!) years.
Thanks for your consideration!

Sorting libraries by name will be added in 9.0.6.

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