Space usage on local disk

I have a working pc with SSD disk only, 240GB, there is folder which I want to have as internet storage for colaboration, with around 110GB of data, when i use SeaDrive to do the job, it cannot ever finish the synchronization due to “disk is full issue”. State is total mismatch: synchronized, commiting, cloud and even no state at all.

I’m worring about my data because I cannot get them, they are half on local disk and half on server.

So my question is: does SeaDrive actually require twice as much space on local disk then the data itself ?

I thought that SeaDrive shift the used space to server, but for me it doubles local space requirements.

There is folder: “C:\Users\username\seadrive\data\storage\blocks” which seems to clone whole libraries. Current size is 60GB and my disk si full.

Which version of SeaDrive do you use? If you are still using 1.x version, please upgrade to 2.x version.

Version 2.0.13, I’m using the WebDAV extension at the moment.

I don’t know why it takes much space on your PC. Usually any background download will be notified by Windows so that you could choose to disable it.

In 2.0.14 version you can set cache size limit in the SeaDrive settings.

If you find this folder takes much space, perhaps some of your libraries contains single very large file, or the library just stuck in some syncing errors.