SSL Error / Invalid repo

Hi all,

I’ve got weird errors with some seadrive clients, on some file, but not all of them, all concerned files are on “shared with groups” folder.

In seafile-gui.log :
[03/29/21 17:53:11] [QLGenHandler] invalid path
[03/29/21 17:54:37] failed to get repo id of Partagé avec des groupes/: Invalid repo unique name

In seafile.log
[03/29/21 17:53:15] http-tx-mgr.c(705): libcurl failed to GET https:///seafhttp/repo/: SSL connect error.

Clients are under MacOS High Sierra with SeaDrive 2.0.9 or newer.
Server is dockerized 7.1.5 from official hub repo.

Files are available on http interface and Seafile client.

I suspect a macOS compatibility error.

You should make sure the entire certificate chain is included in your certificate on the server.

I use a Traefik as reverseproxy with letsencrypt for ssl.
The weird thing is that most of the time these errors occurs at a moment then are over a few hours or days later.

Problem solved,
Client were behind a firewall + proxy, I don’t understand why but since rules were added, no more problems.