Still Community Edition after upgrade to Pro

I followed the link & instructions to upgrade my new 7.1.3 server from community to pro edition but via the web interface, /sys/info/ still shows that I’m on the community edition. I made sure to start seafile with the new pro scripts.

Are the pro features available?

  • Create a download file, do you have radio buttons to define the permissions of the link?
  • In system administration, do you see ‘departments’ in the menu on the left?

If you did the upgrade right and the pro features are available, then the display of the info area is a mere caching problem. Just empty your caches (browser, Seahub). That should do the trick.


  • Did you deposit your license file in Seafile’s install path?
  • What do the log files say?
  • When you start Seafile with systemd, do the really load the of your the pro version?

The output of ps aux |grep seafile

matt@seafile:~$ ps aux |grep seafile
root 1150 0.0 0.0 22036 3040 ? Ss May07 0:04 /srv/seafile-pro-server-7.1.3/seafile/bin/seafile-controller -c /srv/ccnet -d /srv/seafile-data -F /srv/conf
root 1153 0.0 2.4 1505092 199080 ? Sl May07 0:51 seaf-server -F /srv/conf -c /srv/ccnet -d /srv/seafile-data -l /srv/logs/seafile.log -P /srv/pids/ -p /srv/seafile-pro-server-7.1.3/runtime -f -L /srv
root 1191 0.0 0.6 75028 56800 ? S May07 0:09 python3 /srv/seafile-pro-server-7.1.3/seahub/thirdpart/bin/gunicorn seahub.wsgi:application -c /srv/conf/ --preload
root 1226 0.0 0.8 93016 70780 ? S May07 0:00 python3 /srv/seafile-pro-server-7.1.3/seahub/thirdpart/bin/gunicorn seahub.wsgi:application -c /srv/conf/ --preload
root 1227 0.0 0.9 96276 74296 ? S May07 0:00 python3 /srv/seafile-pro-server-7.1.3/seahub/thirdpart/bin/gunicorn seahub.wsgi:application -c /srv/conf/ --preload
root 1228 0.0 0.9 95596 73752 ? S May07 0:00 python3 /srv/seafile-pro-server-7.1.3/seahub/thirdpart/bin/gunicorn seahub.wsgi:application -c /srv/conf/ --preload
root 1229 0.0 0.9 95884 73896 ? S May07 0:00 python3 /srv/seafile-pro-server-7.1.3/seahub/thirdpart/bin/gunicorn seahub.wsgi:application -c /srv/conf/ --preload
root 1230 0.0 0.9 95920 73588 ? S May07 0:00 python3 /srv/seafile-pro-server-7.1.3/seahub/thirdpart/bin/gunicorn seahub.wsgi:application -c /srv/conf/ --preload
matt 328821 0.0 0.0 6432 676 pts/0 S+ 09:38 0:00 grep --color=auto seafile

Looks like it’s running the pro scripts. I don’t have a license file so I’m limited to 3 users which I see in the startup output.

** Message: 19:25:15.769: seafile-controller.c(979): loading seafdav config from /srv/conf/seafdav.conf
[05/07/20 19:25:15] …/common/session.c(156): using config file /srv/conf/ccnet.conf
[05/07/20 19:25:15] …/common/license.c(402): Loading license file /srv/seafile-license.txt …
[05/07/20 19:25:15] …/common/license.c(405): License file /srv/seafile-license.txt does not exist, allow at most 3 trial users
License file /srv/seafile-license.txt does not exist, allow at most 3 trial users
Starting seafile server, please wait …
** Message: 19:25:15.824: seafile-controller.c(979): loading seafdav config from /srv/conf/seafdav.conf
Seafile server started

But the screenshots seem to indicate that it’s still the community edition but I’m limited to 3 users, so I don’t know what’s happening.

So, I guess you didn’t follow my instructions and empty the cache?

I don’t know how and didn’t have time to try and figure it out. The upgrade instructions should really include such things.

I agree. It should. Well, it isn’t. And I doubt your attitude helps you get closer to a solution.

Here’s what you do:
1.) Delete your browser cache (if you don’t know, google it)
2.) Empty the directory /tmp/seahub_cache

By the way: You should not run Seafile as root. How you can do it is explained in the Seafile Manual.

So I shutdown seafile/seahub, cleared the /tmp/seahub_cache directory, restarted both. Then I cleared my chrome cache and restarted my browser. It still shows the same, as does IE.
Every instance listed with ps aux |grep seafile shows /srv/seafile-pro-server-7.1.3 being used.

The screenshots clearly show that you are on CE. But they do not show that you are limited to three users. I am pretty sure that you can create more than one extra users.

I am not sure what you did, but it is weird. It seems that you start Seafile with the Pro SH-script, but that Community is loaded.

Enter this in the browser’s adress bar: https//yourdomain-seafile-domain/api2/server-info. It will tell you what Seafile thinks it is.

{"version": "7.1.3", "encrypted_library_version": 2, "features": ["seafile-basic", "seafile-pro"]}

If I try to create a 4th user, I get an internal server error. I’m not sure I even need the pro features but I’m not sure if I should redo the install again from scratch or just leave it.

I am sorry. I have not good idea for you anymore.

The api call says that you are on Seafile PE.

This is what it looks like for me:
{"version": "7.1.3", "encrypted_library_version": 2, "features": ["seafile-basic", "seafile-pro", "office-preview", "file-search"]}

For fun I started from scratch with a new VM, and installed 7.1.4 Pro. Here’s what it shows

{“version”: “7.1.4”, “encrypted_library_version”: 2, “features”: [“seafile-basic”, “seafile-pro”]}

I am not sure what you do/what your system does, but it is weird!

Don´t run Seafile as user ‘root’.

I got the same problem here, but solved by running as user ‘seafile’ (e.g.).