Storage/blocks 42GB huge, but Admin Panel says 2,5GB

Hi SeaFile Community,

I am running a Seafile Server for some months (7.1.5 on ubuntu server 18.04 lts), now the storage/blocks folders size raised to 42GB, but inside the Admin-Panel it says size usage overall accounts is only 2,5 GB ¿?

I stopped the instance and did run:

./ --dry-run
./ -r

But it only moved away 1GB. The folder storage/blocks is still more than 40 GB huge.

How do I have to clean up this correctly? What do I wrong?

Help :slight_smile:


In the admin panel only the storage usage of the latest version of your data is reflected. Make sure your libraries have appropriate history settings. The garbage collector can only remove data which is not required anymore.

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Will try it out. I just set the history in config to 30 (days) now, before nothing was configured about history. Running next GC job planned in a week, due to production usage here & holidays. Will update this post as soon as possible. thanks in advance!

I think 30 days is the defailt setting.

Today we ran the GC and it deleted up to 20 GB from 56 GB successfully. It seems our produtively mainly used worflow is adding 200-900MB/user/working day and deleting again after all sync jobs to ERP/etc are done.

So it seems, keep the library_trash less than 30 days is also a good option in our case.

keep_days = 30 # Number of days to keep version history

# How often trashed libraries are scanned for removal, default 1 day.
scan_days = 1

# How many days to keep trashed libraries, default 30 days.
expire_days = 10

thanks for all the quick answers last week