Storing data on nfs with seafile-docker

Hi there,

I installed seafile docker as of System started up fine, logged in, down- and uploaded files, everything fine.

But I would like to store seafile-data on a nfs mount. So I symlinked /opt/seafile-data/seafile to a folder on the nfs-mount, but after that the docker image fails to start. From the log:

*** Running /etc/my_init.d/
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/shared/seafile’: File exists
*** /etc/my_init.d/ failed with status 1

*** Killing all processes...

Why’s that? Any suggestion to achieve storing of seafile-data (only libraries, not the db in case of seafile-docker)

Thanks, regard

SeaFile doens’t like Symlinks. But why you just nor mount it to /opt/seafile-data/seafile ?

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will give it a try. I did not do this because Seafile also does not like existing folders. But that was regarding the stand alone server.


You were right. The container is starting now. Thanks again!!