Struggling with Multiple Storage Backends

I’m trying to set up Seafile Pro with multiple storage backends according to the documentation (it won’t allow me to post the link to it) using 2 storage backends: an S3 compatible drive and a local drive. The S3 storage was setup and working prior to attempting this change.

If I’m understanding the documentation correctly, it sounds like I should be able to choose which of these storage backends to use when I’m creating a new library. However, I can’t seem to find any reference to choosing a storage backend anywhere. I’m never given the option to choose. It just creates the library and puts it in the S3 storage. It’s like it doesn’t even recognize that I have more than one option.

I have storage classes enabled and the json file configured in seafile.conf, the json file is created and configured, and the mapping policy is set to ‘USER_SELECT’.

I’ve read and re-read the documentation and I believe I’m doing everything as instructed, but I must be missing something. Can anyone offer any tips or suggestions?

So, I figured out that I can create the library from the web application, then log into the mysql database and manually change the storage_id for the new library to the non-default storage (the local drive) and when I upload files, they are stored on the local drive.

I also noticed that the list of libraries has a “storage backend” column, but it’s empty. Could this be some kind of bug? I’m using the latest version 7.0.7

Anyone else having trouble with this?

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It looks like this must have been a bug. I noticed that a new update just came out 7.0.8 and it seems to be working now.