Supported audio/video formats

when i uploaded a gopro video to seafile i was amazed how it can be viewed directly in the web browser. i also understand it’s possible to play MP3 and ogg/vorbis files directly.

unfortunately, it only offers a download for other media types, like opus or AVI containers (haven’t checked WebM yet).

my question is whether this is just a configurational issue (like adding some MIME types to the web server or seahub), something that needs additional software on the server, or won’t work in any way unless seahub/seafile gains support for this?

most web browsers should actually be able to play opus files out of the box.

When it comes to opening video files within a browser, those are usually client and browser issues. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an AVI play in html, as it is only a wrapper. On top of that, there are patent issues with some formats which prevent them being embedded as plugins in the browser, though they will play as long as the codecs are installed in the OS… Here’s a neat little blurb on the matter:

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Ok thats about the browsers… and the seafile ios app? It doesnt support opus file… Maybe from ios11 native support this filetype. I cant listen my audios from my server on my xs ios15. I store my musics in this format.