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Is it possible to sync WIndows symobolic links as links? The default behavior seems to be that Windows symbolic links sync as unusable empty files instead of being retained as links.

I have seen some discussion of this problem in the forums, but haven’t seen a conclusive answer.

Thanks in advance

Symlink on Windows is not supported by Seafile right now. On Linux/Mac, we follow symlinks and uploads the files it points to.

Thanks for your reply. May I make a request for this to be included in a future release? Symlinks are used by some applications, and without the ability to sync those (as links, not files), Seafile’s usefulness is diminished.

Complicating matters is that Seafile syncs the symlinks as empty files, so it’s not even possible to manually work around this. At minimum, is it possible for Seafile to simply ignore the symlinks instead of copying them as empty files?

We’ll add this to out dev plan.

Thanks Jonathan. Is the behavior the same for hard links?

Any updates on this?
ATM symlinks to directories work fine, the same can’t be said about files, seafile uploads them as blank files, with no warnings.

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Can we can an update on this? Thanks

Didn’t even notice it was uploading a blank file until I caught your comment.

Does anyone know whether this has been fixed?

Please let us know when the symbolik link on Windows too will be sorted out.
It is getting really frustrating to copy lots of files in different directories.
Any news on that?

Thanks for the support.

Can anyone comment on this please? Thanks


It’s in our dev plan. But it’s relatively low priority task, so we haven’t done it yet.