Sync a Library's subfolder with seaf-cli

Hi hi, I’ld like to sync my dotfiles inside my homedir between all my server’s

I’m running two dozen or so machines on which I’ld like to see the same .tmux.conf etc. pp., I’ve this up fine for my three different Workstations but I’ld like to install it to the server’s too, specifically for at least three or four management hosts…

I’ve succesfully managed to get a voyage-linux machine running from SD with readlony homedir to sync my .ssh with my Seafile Server… But I don’t need the whole share on that machine I only want a few linux specific file’s sync’d to those machines.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 8756C4F765C9AC3CB6B85D62379CE192D401AB61 echo deb jessie main | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/seafile.list sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install seafile-cli

then I’ve created some tmpfs setting’s specific to voyage-linux, after which I did this:

seaf-cli init -c /var/lib/seafile -d /var/lib/seafile

and finally I ran:
seaf-cli start -c /var/lib/seafile/ seaf-cli download -l 6d3d746e-1d74-4d53-9bb6-cceFOOBAR -s -c /var/lib/seafile/ -d /var/lib/seafiledatadir/ -u USERNAME seaf-cli status -c /var/lib/seafile/

but there doesn’t seem to be a way to sync a subdir of the library with the CLI client… Tried to add the folder Path to library ID like:

But I get a 404 error in the Seafile.log when I do so…

Is there really no way to do that in the CLI client? I’m doing this already with other folder’s using the GUI client…


P.S.: My first posting here, all my post’s before have been on the german forum.

Here is a way that works for me. The key is to find out the sublibrary ID of the folder that you want to sync.

Yet, it would be a little tricky to find out the sublibrary ID of the folder.

  1. You need to have the GUI-client installed (just need to do it once and can be done in any machine), and sync the folder you want.
  2. Right click the synced folder, and click the “View on cloud”.
    This will open the Seafile folder in the browser.
  3. Extract the sublibrary ID from the URL in the browser.
    It is in a format, for example: https://Site-URL/#common/lib/4a4d02f1-b757-43d2-a45f-87337844ac9e/
    “4a4d02f1-b757-43d2-a45f-87337844ac9e” is the sublibrary ID.
  4. Use that sublibrary ID in the seaf-cli client, and you will have the desired folder synced.

Let me know if there is a better approach :relaxed:

Thank’s a ton, that trick did it for me…

Now, as there doesn’t seem to be an /etc/rc script’s, I need to come up with a simple way to start the client on the machine.

I thought about building a little shell wrapper script to have all the commands at one place. Any hints are welcome…

Just found this post trying to figure out how to do the same thing. This is not working for me, the ID provided is the exact same as the main library itself.

Is there a new way of syncing a folder within a library, instead of having to sync the entire library?

Which client/server version are you using? I only test it with the latest client and latest Pro server.

Latest community edition.

I’m afraid the procedure no longer works. These is no longer URL prompt when browsing cloud storage in GUI. Any idea how to get subfolder ID to sync with seaf-cli?

Even right click on subfolder and generate-internal-link, which is
isn’t right one. seaf-cli generate error when trying to sync it.

I was using procedure until today so I know it was working. Seems there was update on GUI which removed URL…

I found that it’s already knowk issue. More at topic 15954 (I can’t include links, so just topic ID)

Hope function will be returned soon. Hope dies last.