Sync client on Android doesn't seem to update files that have changed on the server

It seems the sync client on Android does not automatically keep in sync (meaning, it does not download) files that are modified on the server, but only uploads the ones modified on the Android device: is this correct?

Is there any way to achieve proper syncing both ways?

The user, after all, may not even be aware the file was modified on the server (therefore they would not thing of downloading it manually), but they certainly expect to be opening/editing the latest version of the file, no?

Will anybody in the know please comment on this?

It seems to me this is an important issue, in terms of deciding whether to stick with migrating to Seafile or not.

You system is obviously not properly configured: Uploading too slow and unstable - migrating from Nextcloud seems impossible - #6 by 345264

You cannot expect the client to work flawlessly when the server is having big issues.

If you cannot give an useful answer, don’t answer. I think that’s generally the rule.

As to the problem at hand: the PC sync client syncs both ways without a problem.

If you cannot help me figure out a solution, can you please answer straight to the question?
Is the Android sync client supposed to automatically sync both ways? Yes or no? (If yes, why there is no “sync” text anywhere, and instead the files can only be “downloaded” manually?)

No, unfortunately the Android app cannot do a two-way sync.
Currently it only supports photo / video upload from the client to the server.
In the future, it is planned that there will be a general backup mode, but unfortunately only one way.
A two way sync is unfortunately not planned at the moment, although many have been wishing for it for many years…

What a disappointment.

It seems an absurd limitation, too. It must be inviting constant conflicts, what with users updating files they are unaware have been updated already.

I wanted to leave Nextcloud mainly to avoid the constant sync conflicts generated by their idiotic android app.
But at least, that app tries to keep files in sync! Having to manually download a file each time is modified defeats the whole purpose…

Are you positive this feature is not in the works? Do they state this much in the github?

I can’t speak for the Android app as I’m using the iOS app, but upload and download are definitely working for me. The Seafile app (atleast on iOS) is always showing cached information unless you tell it to refresh the directory (by swiping down). This might be the reason why you think sync is not working. It took me some time to get used to it.

I am afraid that is not it. Yes swiping down refreshes the information, but that’s the extent of it.

After refreshing, a file that has been modified on the server may appear to be missing its orange checkmark.

Users are thus informed that they need to download the file again, if they want to make modifications.

And this, each time the file is modified.

Assuming the user doesn’t modify the file through other means, in which case conflict ensues.

I was hoping something was malfunctioning on my end, but this really seems to be the way this app is designed.