Sync folder/subfolder with two different seafile servers


Hi all,

I need to sync my Windows client with two different seafile servers (my private seafile server and a seafile server at my company - both pro versions). Therefore I’d like to sync different folders where one folder is a subfolder of another one, e.g. like this:

D:\Folder_A --> synced with Seafile_Server_I
D:\Folder_A\Folder_B --> synced with Seafile_Server_II

Is this possible? If yes, would it also be possible if one of the servers is a consumer version?

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This a question I also have. Can the very same folder be synced with two severs?


It is not possible. Maybe it can be achieved using symlinks but it would need to be tested out, how it behaves.


Thanks for clarification! But is it possible to sync different folders with two different servers, like
D:\Folder_A --> sync with Seafile_Server_I
D:\Folder_B --> sync with Seafile_Server_II

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Yes this is possible


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Thank you guys!