Sync one seafile client to two seafile-server accounts parallel

I want to use my local seafile-client to sync different folders/librarys from two different seafile-server accounts. I can add a second server-account in the client. But when I activate one sync-server the other one seems automatically disconnected. Is there a possibillity to have different folders synced to different server-accounts? I tested with the linux-client but it looks the same on mac.

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Same problem here Ubuntu 17.04 installed over official ppa. Client 6.1.0

How about using two different accounts with a shared folder?
They both will have their own dotfiles, so it does not seem that they would conflict.
Do a seaf-cli init on both, add them on the same group and set the files on that group to that of the two users .
You can use a SetGID to ensure they can always write/read from dir using chmod g+s dir.

Hope it helps!

Hi leandroqm,
thanks for your idea. But I do not understand how that could help me. Or do you mean to install two instances of the seafile client? My problem is not to have one folder on my desktop but to sync my computer with two different seafile accounts (I prefer syncing them to different folders). It is e.g., two institutions using seafile hosting their own server. I can enter and safe the account credentials of both accounts but it seems that I have to decide which of one will be synced to my computer at a time. When I switch to the account 1 all folders of account 2 disappear from the seafile list of syncable folders in my client application. So the only workaround I found so far is to manually switch between both accounts on a regular base. Maybe that can be scripted but still this seems far from optimal to me. And I also prefer the data of folders in both accounts to keep seperate because they are from different context. My need is simply to sync folders from two different seafile accounts/servers like I can sync different folders/libraries from one seafile account: in parallel into different folders on my desktop/notebook computer.

Are you on Linux or Windows?

I tried it on Linux and Mac. At work I need to sync a Windows 7 machine as well