Sync problem v3 and macos and NSFileProviderErrorDomain -2005


I get some users which get problems with the files and folders sync: there are big differences between their computers and the Seafile server.
See an example of these differences for the same folder (on from the Seadrive client and the other one from the seafile server):

If I tried to force sync, I get this message:
Capture d’écran 2024-02-21 à 11.21.14

I closed then re-open Seadrive client, but it still the same.

Here, the parameters:
Capture d’écran 2024-02-21 à 12.01.51
and the cache configs:

Users are on Mac OS X 13.6.4 and Mac OS X 14.3.1 with Seadrive client v3.0.7.
Seafile server is on 9.0.10.

Did you get any ideas to solve these problems?

Regards, Onésime

can you show a more complete screenshot of the files under this folder? It could be that the directory is no longer synced with the server, can you test if you can upload files properly under this folder ? And whether uploading a file under this folder on the server can be synchronized locally?

Here an screenshot

We tried to update to 3.0.8, but nothing better…
We tried also to unsynch and synch but still the same…

Hi, please send seadrive.log and events.log to We will look into it.