Sync problem with seafile client

I have a problem with a seafile client that I do not know how to solve…

On the computer use windows 10 , and have four user accounts (standard users) and one admin; on D partition each user has his own directory; also, there are four seafile accounts that perform synchronization on D partition, each in his own directory.
All users directories on D partition are protected by using windows users permissions (only admin and user for that specific directory can access to content in that directory), but the problem arises when I set user permissions, seafile does not want to synchronize with user accounts. It is possible to synchronize only one account (the one who first logged in) for each next user seafile client gives internal error or flech.
In user permissions, have set the admin and only certain user just have access.
I made windows update on the latest version (also tried it without the update), use the latest version of seafile (I tried with the old version).
NOTE, a few months ago, I had identical settings on one laptop and everything worked OK!!
Please help!
Best regards to all!!


Do you know what user owns ccnet process?
I think Seafile client does not like multiple ccnet processes…

And it wouldn’t harm to tell us version for client and server, plz

Thank you for your answer,
And I’m sorry because I’m just now answering on your question…
server version is 4.0.6
seafile client - 6.0.6
about ccnet, - I’m not sure what it’s all about, but the seafile is installed using admin account, the basic users do not have the right to install, but when want to sync seafile client to the directoris, I’m doing it from the basic accounts.
Using windows 10 enterprise.

Thank you for your help


What I meant is that ccnet is the engine that fuel Seafile GUI. I was wondering if ccnet process can be launched several times on the same computer.
When you switch user sessions, do you disconnect or just switch?
Which user owns ccnet process? Has he got right rights on directories?

You should consider updating the Seafile server. This version is very old.

Dear Betrand and DerDanilo,

Once again, I thank you all for your answers.
when I log off from one account and log on to another then it works ok. but if I just do a switch account then the seafile is not working, and then I need to set the path to the shared folder.
if I understand it well, seafile is installed on the admin account, and other users have the right to use this program only.
Access to the specific folders have users and admin.
So it look like the theory about the CCNET process seems to be correct.
Yes, there is need to update server and will do that.