Sync problem with the server

Hi, I am trying to install a seafile server. The installation works. I can reach the server from my public ip address. But now I have a problem with the sync app on windows… I installed the sync app on my laptop. But it isn’t syncing properly…
It says it has a connection error on with my server.
But if I add a folder to the sync. It adds the folder but not the files inside this folder…
Any idea how I can resolve this problem?

Welcome to the Seafile Community Forum!

You connect to your Seafile server using the public IP address of your server? Hence you use a self-signed certificate?

Then please check the box “Do not validate server certificate when syncing via https” in the Advanced tab of the client’s settings.

This is a screenshot of the settings in German. But I hope to illustrate the general idea. Just check the box and sync again.

Depuis que j’ai réinstallé Seafile Bureau sur mon nouveau PC, j’ai un problème de serveur à chaque fois que je cherche à synchroniser ma bibliothèque. Par contre, je n’ai aucun problème de serveur pour synchroniser les bibliothèque partagées avec moi.
Tout fonctionnait très bien sur mon ancien PC, j’ai la version 7.0.10 pour Windows et j’ai suivi le process de cocher la case “ne pas valider le certificat lors de la synchronisation via https”, mais aucune différence, j’ai toujours “erreur serveur”

Merci de votre aide.

Since I reinstalled Seafile Bureau on my new PC, I have a server problem every time I try to synchronize my library. On the other hand, I don’t have any server problem to synchronize the shared libraries with me.
Everything was working fine on my old PC, I have version 7.0.10 for Windows and I followed the process of checking the box “do not validate the certificate when synchronizing via https”, but no difference, I still have “server error”

Thanks for your help.