Sync problem with the server

Hi, I am trying to install a seafile server. The installation works. I can reach the server from my public ip address. But now I have a problem with the sync app on windows… I installed the sync app on my laptop. But it isn’t syncing properly…
It says it has a connection error on with my server.
But if I add a folder to the sync. It adds the folder but not the files inside this folder…
Any idea how I can resolve this problem?

Welcome to the Seafile Community Forum!

You connect to your Seafile server using the public IP address of your server? Hence you use a self-signed certificate?

Then please check the box “Do not validate server certificate when syncing via https” in the Advanced tab of the client’s settings.

This is a screenshot of the settings in German. But I hope to illustrate the general idea. Just check the box and sync again.