Sync to Folder Behavior

I want to sync a library with a folder which already contains most of the files in the library. If I use “sync to folder”, what would happen to files that are in my folder, but not in the library (or files in the library that have a more current version in the folder)? Likewise, what happens to a folder that does not exist in my folder, but does exist in the library?

When you sync a library, there is an advanced option “sync with existing folder”. You can try and use this option.

You can checkout this user manual: Syncing existing folders - Seafile User Manual

Thanks. I read that, but it doesn’t explain what happens to the file versions when a conflict file is kept and the original/older version is deleted.

For example,

myfile.txt has a conflict myfile.txt(SFConflict 2023-03-07-11-30-28). The user deletes myfile.txt. Does seafile preserve the version history of myfile.txt within myfile.txt(SFConflict 2023-03-07-11-30-28) ?

The conflict file should contain a version that other collaborator created. It’s not for preserving history.