Synchronisation between Ubuntu & Windows 10 + IP address setup

I have now been able to synchronise both home computers (Ubuntu)
& home laptop (windows 10). Issues I am currently facing are

1 I can use same server address (home IP address) to synchronise
files/folders between Ubuntu & Windows 10. Issue is I receive
‘Failed to get library information’ message if laptop goes to sleep. Is
this how seafile normally works? Message disappear and library gets
synchronised the moment laptop (Windows 10) wakes up from sleep mode.
Please advise;

2 Secondly, I have created hostname via; however whenever I
put in server address, I receive same message
‘Failed to get libraries information’. I have even downloaded dynamic
update client for Linux and windows 10 but not sure what I am currently
not doing; and

3 Finally bought a work laptop home and upon putting server address
of home IP in seafile client, work laptop has synchronised as well.
However, it would be an unrealistic option as work server address is not
same and how can I then be able to access home seafile server remotely?

Please provide assistance.



Hmmm… for me it’s not really clear what you are doing there.

It sounds a bit as if you are using seafile the way bittorrent sync would work…

  1. Which of your computers is the seafile server?
  2. This seafile-server must be always on. No sleep or so… it simply must work 24/7
  3. On all the other computers you will have to install the client software (not on the server)
  4. Did you follow this great tutorial for setting up your server? Tutorial for Seafile CE + Nginx + dynamic DNS (on ARM / Cubietruck / RaspberryPi)
  5. There you will see how and where to put in the address:
  • In /etc/nginx/sites-available
  • in Seafile-Install-Dir/conf/: and ccnet.conf
  1. Then you should enter this address into all your clients, so that they can connect to the server

With these steps your computers should basically be able to find this server from everywhere (LAN and Internet). If you follow the above mentioned tutorial, you will set up a HTTPS server with Port 443 (secure SSL connection)
You will have to enter the Webinterface of your Router and find the Setup for Portforwarding / or HTTPS Port. There you will have to forward this port 443 to the LAN IP of your seafile-server. Otherwise no devices will find the server remotely, as the router closes this port.