Synchronization with Google Drive

Hi! Excuse me, if I missed something in documentation, I want to ask if possible to synchronize/integrate Seafile with existing Google Drive account.
I mean something similar to functional of Nextcloud project, example of such configuration described in
Thank you in advance for any response.

No. it is not possible.

Got it. Thanks very much for prompt feedback.

I installed seadrive on the seafile server then used rclone to sync seadrive to a google drive folder.

I’ve only just set it up in the last 15 minutes but I’ve restarted the clone a couple times and it seems to have no problem skipping files based on modification time.

I’ll report back when it’s complete, I can see rclone getting confused with the amount of data left to transfer, should be 700gb but reporting as 80gb.

I’m on gigabit internet and uploading 16 files at a time produced these errors:

http-tx-mgr.c(5716): Failed to get file range. Bad response code for GET http://xxxxxxxxxx/api2/repos/94908f6f-c9ef-4142-90a3-fd3e0bc04f5e/file/?p=Truss%20Physics%2FUntitled.mp4: 404.

Might be overloading it. Trying with 8

On Android you can use Synchronize Ultimate. It can sync Seafile with Google drive.

But not if you are using 2FA on seafile

Edit: at least last time I tried

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