System Requirements

Hello! May be you can help me. Thank you in advance.

I am going to use seafile server at vps (for only one client) and i can’t find any information about system requiements.

How many RAM is needed for the seafile server to works stably? I tried before use it with 256MB (without swap) but debian oom-killer killed mysql and python processes when i tried to load searchub web-interface .


256 MB is not enough. It uses around 500-600 MB for one user, so I would use a VPS with 1GB. You don’t need SSD, cheap HDD is enough.

If you care about your customer, I will go for the SSD. That’s a huge improvement.

SSD is always better, of course, and for customers I also would choose it.
But when using Seafile I did not find a huge difference. The difference was huge with Nextcloud, though. Seafile seems to be less “resource hungry”

I totally agree having the Internet in between, but if you have seafile in your own local network, the bottleneck will be the HDD. I mean, is a huge improvement using SSDs there.

With Seafile it will be more noticable over time or when using specific functions such as accessing library history of an old library or when having libraries with many small files and/or frequent changes.