Tag a file/folder


as seafile works similar to git, would it be possible to tag files or folders?

So if you have a document or project folder which you want to find later again you can add a description to it. Additional this specific version will be kept if cleaning history. And it would be nice, if there could be a overview of all tags like the history of one library.


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We vote for this feature as well!

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Are there any thoughts on this?
@daniel.pan @lian @Jonathan @lins05

Already on the roadmap, see here under long term: https://www.seafile.com/en/roadmap/

Oh great, haven’t seen it there. Thank you :slight_smile:

Any update here? My most wanted feature. Don’t see it any longer in the Roadmap

The feature is already in the SeafileDocs branch. Version 7.0 pro will include this feature too. The Seafile CE edition will not include this feature as this feature can’t work with SQLite database.

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