[TEMP SOLUTION] Seafile Pro Docker SSL fails


after server restart, I tried to restart perfectly working seafile docker setup, but it fails with this line:
PEM routines:get_name:no start line:Expecting: TRUSTED CERTIFICATE)
I tried to upgrade my setup to the latest official version, no changes.
Removed old SSL certificates, but after docker restart they are not being created at all. Looks like SSL part is broken somehow. Any thoughts?

I installed letsencrypt certificates with certbot script, using
sudo certbot certonly --standalone
and then linking generated certificates to

It’s a temporary solution of course, until seafile docker is fixed.

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Had the same problem, is this issue fixed on the newer releases? For some reason the .crt file was empty and it might be the same issue as this:

Seems like it was fixed on the newer releases of OpenSSL and the new Seafile docker uses a newer OpenSSL so hopefully its fixed now.