Terrible Bug in 2.0.5


in 2.0.5 is an big bug, on every start he generate an new Folder on seadrive_root.

If the user open the file again it will not sync
Please fix this soon, I god many trouble with this.

Greetings Mario

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Hi Semmelbrösel,
I’ve been using SeaDrive 2.0.5 since the day of its release.

SeaDrive 2.0.5 is not flawless, but the problem you encountered I have never experienced and - as far as i know - no one else. There have been no such error reports.

Is it possible that it is not SeaDrive but your system that has problem?


why should it an error on Windows? What has Windows do to with the folder on Seadrive.
I see it myself after restart seadrive he create an new folder. I testet with 2.0.3 no error. Install 2.0.5 again same error.

We have a customer with the same problem, can you tell us what AntiVirus Software you are using and do you have logs to show?

Windows defender.
Logs I will get it from my customer.

We’ll look into the issue. @Semmelbroesel24 Please send the logs folder to support at seafile.com.

More and more customers call with this error :frowning:
Any solutions?