Testers for Seafile Server v8.0.5 rpi / ARMv7

Dear rpi-supporters,

@Tjelfe, @mehlkopf, @squirrel, @Termi2, @fakuivan, @Cisco, @Howmann, @Bernie_O, @langhaarschneider

I need volunteers to test the new Seafile Server v8.0.5 for ARMv7 (32bits)? It is buid for Ubuntu Focal . (earlier versions like Xenia and Bionic may not probably work!!).

The version v8.0.5 runs fine since a couple of hours and It was compiled with the flag --ldap, but since I’m not using LDAP, it’s difficult to say.

Thanks my dear friends :green_heart:


Sorry, I haven’t been using Seafile on ARM for years. Switched to Intel NUC a couple of years ago.

Thanks for your work.
The link gives me an “access denied” page.
Out of curiousity: How did you manage to overtake the “official” server version of 8.0.4?

The v8.0.5 was released yesterday. When we built, we can chosse which tag should be. I could choose v8.0.4, but its a no brainer.

See here seafile-server and seahub

I know why you get access denied. That’s probabably my cloudflared rules for countries. I just opened few. I will disable them for this week. Thanks.

Edit: @squirrel The rules were disabled, you can try now.

Thanks, I was able to download it. Will probably install it this weekend.

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After my HDD at my BananaPi died i switched to x64. So i am not able to Test Arm anymore. Thanks for your Work on arm over those years!

Good job.
I’m on arm64, so do I need to wait? I have found a guide and I’ll look into it.

Thank you

I ending up with no output file in build-seafile-server-pkgs when I compile my own?

→ [13/13] Build Seafile server

  • python3 /home/mhpo/haiwen-build/seafile-server/scripts/build/build-server.py --libsearpc_version=3.1.0 --ccnet_version=6.0.1 --seafile_version=6.0.1 --version=8.0.5 --thirdpartdir=/home/mhpo/haiwen-build/seahub_thirdparty --srcdir=/home/mhpo/built-seafile-sources/R8.0.5 --mysql_config=/usr/bin/mysql_config --outputdir=/home/mhpo/built-seafile-server-pkgs --yes
    python3: can’t open file ‘/home/mhpo/haiwen-build/seafile-server/scripts/build/build-server.py’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory


I am on Debian Buster. Will this work under Debian Buster?
Thanks for you constant work on this @jobenvil !

@Bernie_O probably not, since it depends mostly on the C libraries (~glibc). These are slightly different in Ubuntu Focal (2.31) and Debian Buster (2.28). The Buster built version could be used in Focal, but not the other way around. Sorry for the delay. The Buster version is now uploaded on GitHub.

@Howmann I can not tell you. One source of problems is the seahub requirements.txt file. While building seafile with the official requirements it ends up with seahub not starting at all. Then I compare exactly which dependencies are in the x64 version and update the requirements.txt in my repo. After that, I amend the build3.sh line which call the seahub requirements.txt file.

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