Text collaboration without login

I want to use Seafile to collaborate on text files. The files should be accessible via a link and then editable directly and without logging in. Markdown files would be enough for me, but Excel and Word would be even better.
The idea is to use Seafile here like WIkipedia: Anyone can change public documents without registering.
Is that possible and if so, how?

I don’t think it’s possible for the moment, but it will have to be requested as a future evolution… you can do a test, and with the same link, if you have a seafile account on the server or not, it does’nt work .
login: test@test.me
Password TEST010203
Link to the test file: Mon Espace Cloud
. try without logging in, and try by logging in with the test account I created for you…
conclusion, I don’t think it’s possible without registering the user on the server. and in addition it would be necessary that the cloud mode is not activated …
you will find the folder seafile manual that you can modify at will in the “shared with everyone” section in the menu on the left after logging in