Text file with spaces in file name: "File does not exist"

Hello, I have a private seafile 6.0.4. I upload a XML text file with spaces in the file name “cleanmgr - 2008 R2.xml”. When I try to download or preview the file, the WebView says “File does not exist”
If I rename the file, everything works as expected. Seems like a bug to me, could you please look after this? Thanks!

If you use Apache, have a look into the server manual: https://manual.seafile.com/deploy/deploy_with_apache.html

Part Troubleshooting, “Problems with paths and files containing spaces”

Ok, I am on Apache/2.4.10 (Debian).
So I have to wait for Debian to release a new Apache version, which will come with Debian 9 I think.

Alternatively, if you are not willing to wait, you could still install Apache2.4.xx from source.
If you use seafile as a single user, I’d rather rename files instead of taking the hassle to install from source.
OR you move over to nginx, which is a really good lightweight, yet powerfull alternative to apache.

Nah thank you, I’m a huge fan of installing packages “The Debian way” and try to stick only to the “main” repository. So installing from source is no option from me.

The “problem” is, that this Debian Server hosts also several private websites for me and some friends, I would have to switch all sites, if I drop apache, am I right?

right with you, on this… :wink:

Aye, that would definitely be the case. Otherwise you would have two webservers trying to bind to port 80 and 443 etc.
That would just cause problems…
Even if you would use apache to proxy nginx, you would still encounter the same issue.
Avoiding space characters seems to be the best bet, unfortunately…

I was in the same situation: stuck with the faulty apache version of Centos 7. Workaround for me was to install nginx, but to let it only (for now) serve the seafile content, while it directs all other requests to apache on a non standard port.
This way I don’t have to switch the other web applications at the same time and don’t have to mess with php.


My Seafile server (6.0.4) is on CentOS 7.2 with Apache 2.4.6 - and MySQL 5.7.
And I also encounter problems with spaces, and with accents too (especially french accent, like : é è ê à …).
Is there any other simple solution than update Apache package ? like modify some language variable or something like that… :thinking:

Thank you for your help :wink: