“This file contains a virus or malware”?

When trying to download seafile-pro-server_6.2.10_x86-64.tar.gz from https://download.seafile.com/d/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/?p=/pro, both FF and Chrome is telling me:
“This file contains a virus or malware”

I tested the downloaded file with several checks, and no malware was found.

Why is this happening?


Sounds like a false positive. See if you can obtain the hashes for the gz file and then run your own checker against the file to see if it matches.

Can confirm this. Just deployed another machine and recognized this while getting the image through firefox 59 on windows10 as well as arch linux(same FF 59.0.2).
Downloaded File MD5SUM hash for 6.2.10-seafile-pro matched to the original one.

Possible some browser heuristics update.

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I’ve gotten a lot of false positives over the years with Seafile and AV. I always disable my AV programs before downloading / installing any Seafile product.