Thumbnail & previews are not working


I have installed Seafile on an Archlinux forked OS and everything is about to work fine but Thumbnail is not working when using web interface.

Logs : "[ERROR] seahub.thumbnail.utils:149 generate_thumbnail <urlopen error [Errno 110] Connection timed out

If I take a look to the corresponding file (/seahub/seahub/thumbnail/, this seems to be a 500 Error generated because of missing token (line 149).

I don’t have any thumbnails or preview on anything from the web interface, but I am able to see the Thumbnail & Preview from Android App (only from the files upload from the Android App, not from the files uploaded from web interface).

One problem I noticed is that all the server is not available for ~30sec-1min after trying to show some preview and like the service seahub or seafile is restarting, no error on logs but everything is not accessible from Android app or web interface, not sure if it is due to 500 error.

Any ideas ?

Missing Preview :

This one : everytime I click on a preview, seafile/seahub are not responding and I have to wait a minute before using the solution.

Many thanks