Track file changes local access and smb access


I have a linux client with normal local files synced with seafile server. second my
home is exported with samba, that I can use my files in a terminal server session.

the problem is, if I change files on the terminalserver over samba the linux seafile client
has no track of the change.

The only way the client tracks the changes is by restarting the client.

Is there an other way to solve this problem?

thanks manuel

Yes, either run the cli client on the server or (easy solution) enable time based synchronization. It should be available with a right click on the library (set sync interval).

is timebased possible with the seaf-cli ?

I found this:

but it does not work. it does not track if there is a smb change in the files

hi, i have same issue. Have you get resolve it?

no, I just manually sync the files if I change something over smb.

it’s sad. Ok, i fix it by cron *\10 minutes restart seaf-cli.
Thank you for asnwer.